Choosing the best microphone for Youtube Videos, streaming, podcasting, and gaming depends on how much flexibility you want to have in your work. If you’re going to work on Twitter or YouTube or want to interview different people out of interest, you don’t need a full studio. Of course, many microphones are better than others, and the same first-class microphones are divided into different features. So if you are thinking of buying the best microphone for youtube videos, it is better to join us, because in this article we have selected the top eight best microphones for you at the best possible price.

But before a suitable microphone, need a capture card ( capture cards) Choose the right one for yourself so you can quickly start streaming. Of course, you don’t have to think about streaming or playing games, because with the articles you’re waiting for, you can easily find the best microphone for youtube videos or for whatever you like.

Best Microphone for Youtube Videos

Recording patterns

Heart: This model records sound right in front of the microphone and is great for music and streaming.

Two-way: The recording is done on the front and end of the microphone and is the best choice for the interview.

Public: This model absorbs ambient noise, and you will not miss any sound with it, it is very suitable for multi-person podcasts.

The best microphones for youtube videos, streaming, playing, and podcasting:

• Samson G-Track Pro

The best choice for streaming and playing


  • Voltage: 100
  • Polar patterns: cardiac – bilateral – universal
  • Connection type: USB
  • Response frequency: 50Hz-20,000Hz

Other features: Mixer – Connectable to headphones and second sound source – Desktop stand – Mute button – Low delay

positive points:

  • Excellent sound quality
  • Strong body
  • It has twice the power as an audio interface.
Samson G-Track Pro

USB microphone market hanger is very crowded, but in the meantime, Samson’s G-Track Pro model an excellent choice, a microphone with several polar patterns, very low noise, a well-built and powerful body, and exceptional sound quality. An excellent choice for anyone who wants to get into streaming, music, or podcasting. In fact, it’s the best choice among USB microphones. It has all the features of this microphone. In general, you are faced with an excellent microphone, which has quickly found its place among high-end microphones and is a strong competitor to the flagships in this field. For the price of this product, you can’t find a model that can match the Samson’s G-Track Pro To compete. To buy Microphone Samson G-Track Pro-1 click below.

• Blue Yeti Nano

The best microphone for beginners


  • the power: 5V
  • Polar patterns: cardiac – universal
  • Connection type: USB
  • Response frequency: 20Hz-20kHz

Other features: Show very low latency – have a volume up and down button and a volume down button.

positive points:

  • It is minimal and light.
  • Working with this device is very simple and easy.
  • Sound quality at its best
Blue Yeti Nano Premium USB Mic

The new version of Blue Yeti model A the right choice for those that are appropriate and informative ordinary d and little experience in recording a first for professional and intend to pursue this in their heads. For streaming, recording, and, of course, podcasting, this model is a great choice, as it is lightweight and easy to use, giving you unparalleled sound quality as a microphone for under $ 100. As you can see, this miniature microphone is an older model, and about 40% of the more former model is lighter, no doubt this is a positive point for this product.

The difference between the two new and old versions of the Yeti model not much and given the price and lightness of the new model. We suggest the Blue Yeti Nano Prefer her older brother, the polar patterns in this microphone are indeed less than the old model. Still, Yeti The new fills this weakness with other strengths.

• Blue Yeti USB microphone

The best choice for most people.


  • the power: 5V
  • Polar patterns: heart – bilateral – everyone – stereo
  • Connection type: USB
  • Response frequency: 20Hz-20,000Hz

Other features: Variety of colors (four colors) – Show very low latency – Having a volume up and down button and a volume down button.

positive points:

  • Extraordinary sound quality
  • Very adaptable and suitable for the work environment
  • Having four polar patterns
Blue Yeti USB Mic

One of the most suitable choices for amateur and novice recorders, this model from the Blue brand. It gives you more than you can afford. It is effortless to work with and easy to set up. If we want to consider one of the best microphones available as the best microphone for general use, this model can undoubtedly be in the first place. Because this model does almost everything correctly and, at the same time, offers you unparalleled sound quality. The microphone’s healthy body can withstand sudden shocks that may occur for any reason. Also, the buttons and how to use the microphone work so well that you can quickly get acquainted with them, and after a short time, you will be entirely in control of them. Now note that so far, there are no four polar patterns in the list of any microphones, and now the Blue Yeti USB microphone It has four polar patterns. This is the microphone that any newcomer will need.

Although the anti-noise foam of this microphone does not work very well (many microphones easily defeat this model in terms of sound quality), but still against the market microphones, you will not find any model with the efficiency and reasonable price of this microphone. Did.

• AntLion ModMic

The best choice among connected microphones.


  • the power: 10V
  • Polar patterns: one-way
  • Connection type: USB 3.5 mm (adapter)
  • Response frequency: 100Hz-10,000Hz

Other features: Sticky pads – Protective bag – Having different types of volume up and down buttons and volume off button – one to two meters of cable

positive points:

  • Very easy to use
  • The price is right
AntLion ModMic

Most people who are looking for a microphone suitable for their activities have a desk or at least a place to put a microphone. But let’s assume that the person we are looking for, for whatever reason, is not able to be stable and needs to Connect a suitable microphone to yourself. This is where we need to go for connected microphones. But we don’t need to look for different microphones in this section, because without a doubt the AntLion ModMic model has been and is the best microphone ever connected. This product, like a microphone connected to headphones, sticks to your headphones, and here the difference is only in quality. Obviously, the AntLion ModMic microphone works several times better than a microphone connected to headphones. The accessories of this device are also very useful in connecting it to headphones and using them.

Many portable microphones that connect to a device or headphones do not provide good quality, this problem starts when the microphone connects to the wrong headphones, and the sound quality of the headphones affects the recording of the sound through the microphone. But the AntLion ModMic model like other microphones, it is not in its category, and it always receives and records the sound quality in the appropriate state for which it was made. You may think that this model is the best choice for you now, but we must remember that this model has been selected as the best only among its peers, and in no way has the power to record its sound to fixed models such as Blue Yeti Will not arrive. But in any case, we have a perfect microphone, and it can be an excellent choice for you, but only if you have a good headphone.

• Razer Seiren X

Small and portable


  • the power: 5V
  • Polar Patterns: SuperCardioid
  • Connection type: USB
  • Response frequency: 20Hz-20,000Hz

Other features: 3.5mm headphone jack – very low latency – volume down button

positive points:

  • Portability
  • Too much transparency
Razer Seiren X

This model of microphone, like the Blue Yeti model, The smaller version is the older model, and about fifty percent smaller than the original model. Focus The unique model is based on sound quality. This is while Seiren X.Focus on being portable and do well, because it’s like a glass of soda on your desk, and you can move it whenever you want. Some background sounds are indeed recorded by this microphone, but that doesn’t mean the microphone is weak. This model is designed to be compatible with the vibrations of the environment, as it is a portable device and may be damaged by small blows to the desk, but the device is designed to withstand this. The beats are durable and, of course, will not capture these vibrations and annoying noises when recording.

Background noise is no small issue. Unfortunately, the only thing that lowers the value of this model is the recording of additional background noise, such as clicking your mouse or keyboard. This amount is very small, but it exists anyway, and you should pay attention to these issues before choosing. You certainly won’t have a problem with things like Stream, and keyboard recording may make it even more appealing, but it’s a big weakness in other things. But don’t forget that the sound quality of this device is very good and in general, it is considered a suitable model in terms of its price. To buy microphones Razer Siren X to here, see.

• Rode NT USB

To enjoy more


  • the power: 5V
  • Polar patterns: heart
  • Connection type: USB
  • Response frequency: 20Hz-20kHz

Other features: stereo headphone monitoring – very low latency – front screen protector – side buttons for volume control

positive points:

  • Unparalleled sound quality
  • Pop protective filter with product
  • Easy to set up
Rode NT USB mic

Rode’s NT USB model they shout the word “professional” because it has the appearance and quality of a professional microphone for studios while showing us a much lower price. If you are planning to make progress in your work and expand the work a bit, we suggest that you go for this model. The sound quality of this model is unparalleled and not comparable to its peers. Another thing to keep in mind is that there is a free pop-up filter inside the product packaging, which is not usually cheap. This model indeed has only one polar pattern, but that could be great for people looking to stream. What Rode’s NT USBIt offers you the quality of studio audio recording at a much lower price than studio equipment. To buy microphone Rode NT click below.

• Focusrite SCARLETT Studio Pack w/CM25 Microphone


  • the power: 5V
  • Polar patterns: heart
  • Connection type: XLR – Sound jack
  • Response frequency: 20Hz-20,000Hz

Other features: Sound control adapter – holder stand – cable

positive points:

  • Suitable for all recording tasks
  • Unparalleled sound clarity
Focusrite SCARLETT Studio Pack w_CM25 Microphone

Undoubtedly, this amount of equipment is not just for one thing. If you are going to do streaming, games, podcasts, and anything else that comes to mind and you are looking for a suitable microphone for it, go for the Focusrite Scarlett CM25 MkII model.go. The microphone’s large aperture makes it suitable for small, loud sounds. So if you are hiding somewhere in a Battle Royale game and you are slowly whispering, and then you have to shout, don’t worry at all, because this microphone model has your air at all times. The sound quality of this microphone is unparalleled and is called one of the best on this list.

But it’s worth noting that this microphone is not made for gaming, and you have to go through a lot of trouble while playing and streaming because this microphone does not have a 3.5 mm jack, and you have to connect to the XLR to connect. Apply that is very difficult for some people. In general, the Focusrite Scarlett CM25 MkII model offers you a microphone, headphones, and audio interface for less than $ 200. This is a great suggestion for those looking to record podcasts, streams, or play games.

• Zalman ZM-Mic1

Excellent sound quality and very low price


  • the power: 2V
  • Polar patterns: heart
  • Connection type: 3.5 mm jack
  • Response frequency: 100Hz-16,000Hz

Other features: Very low power consumption – has three mini clips – very low weight.

positive points:

  • Surprisingly cheap
  • Very high quality compared to headsets connected to the headset.
Zalman Zm-Mic1

ZM-Mic1 model It doesn’t claim to be a first-class microphone, but it’s definitely several times better than the headphones connected to your headset, given the price and sound quality. The main reason for the presence of this microphone in the list is its exceptional price because it has prepared an incredible price for us with good quality. It’s a good idea to make sure that there are definitely a lot of microphones that are several times better in quality than the ZM-Mic1. Are and here, the review is about quality and price. However, with the right equipment, you will see excellent sound quality from this microphone.

You can forget all the problems you have with headset-connected microphones by choosing this inexpensive product, and say goodbye to the sound of breathing and the “s” of warning words.

As we mentioned, the sound quality of this model is not close to studio models, but it is a good choice for normal tasks such as playing and starting streaming, and buying it will not harm your budget. In general, the ZM-Mic1 model It can’t be considered a great microphone, but after looking at the price, it’s definitely a great microphone. Click here to buy the Zalman microphone.

How to test microphones?

One of the most important things to know is to expect different classes and users to have the right microphone because the standards of a gamer are definitely quite different from those of a sound engineer. So what we’re looking for is for our sounds to be well recorded and conveyed in an expressive, noise-free manner, with the best quality, in the compressed mode, and with the help of the Internet. Quality stability in different situations is one of the important principles, in general, there are several other essential things that we need to pay attention to play and Stream:

Sound quality

If you accept us as a guide, it’s best to note that sound quality isn’t everything for a microphone. But when testing the microphone, this is one of the most important things. The purpose of buying a good microphone is to record your sound well.

We tested one of the patterns when testing, the cardioid pattern, Which records the front of the microphone. It takes up 99% of the sound recording when playing and streaming, so if you have such a goal, now you know which part to test.


Of course, everyone’s equipment and desk are different, and everyone provides their own equipment according to their taste and financial situation. So one of the positives for a good microphone is that it offers the same quality in different situations. For example, if a microphone only records sound well 6 inches from your mouth, a microphone is not compatible, as some people may not be able to maintain such a distance due to the equipment. In any case, you buy the microphone to make the recording process easier, not to create a new problem for yourself and force yourself to adapt to it. The microphone must be compatible with your situation.

Appearance and form

Certainly, when buying a quality microphone, the prizes are not awarded to the most beautiful microphone purchased, and the quality and beauty of the appearance of the goods do not always go hand in hand. But in any case, the appearance of an object forms fifty percent of its value, and you must pay attention to it when buying. In the microphones section, the overall appearance has its own effects, but the form and selection of the appropriate microphone form are very important. A fixed microphone stays in place, and you need to sit in front of it every time and start working, while connected microphones have no place to work and move with you but keep in mind that connected microphones You have to move every time, and this in itself is an important point for many consumers.


The most important thing about shopping. Most PC users they are looking for the best in general with the lowest price, and of course, it is very easy to get lost among the various goods and deceptive prices, and it is easier to choose a lot of time and finally buy the wrong product at the wrong price. But it’s best to remind yourself first of all what you want the equipment to do. If you’re a novice, you don’t need very professional microphones and studio equipment at all. So with this account and a small book, you can reduce the cost for yourself and have the best choice. Don’t forget that expensive microphones don’t mean high quality. In general, price is one of the most important points in buying microphones and any other product that can make it very difficult to choose.


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