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7 Reasons Why WordPress is Best Website Design Platform

If you are a web designer or are beginning a site for the first time or a web site, you have started to understand that WordPress is most definitely the best site design platform available. Some site designers have given a try to other web hosting programs but return into WordPress based on each of the qualities listed below which make it such a compelling solution or lead generation functionality.

Why WordPress is Best Website Design Platform

• Content distribution engine

when appropriately configured (most people do not ) WordPress is a content distribution engine. We set WordPress sites to distribute to ping sites, search engines, social media sites, social bookmarking sites and RSS aggregator websites. This sends every post to over 10,000 sites! You can locate your position in Google within a few minutes.

• Plugins

WordPress has that you be relevant to your website, what amounts to an infinite supply of available plugins. These are all very easy to download and apply to your web, and they’re completely free! Regardless of what your site needs concerning performance, WordPress has so you do not need to write custom software to do this the plugin that you will need.

• Themes

Site designers know that one of the most significant elements of producing an attractive site is the availability of themes that are nice looking. WordPress has thousands of topics, which are all customizable to fit the needs of your specific website layout. The items are available in 1 column, open arrangement, two columns, three columns, many distinct colours and graphics.

• Cost

You can set up free sites or blogs around WordPress.com. Still, the severe business or website designer may set up their domain name (and also a premium or professionally custom designed website motif if desired) using a WordPress site in a hosting company for under $60 annually. That is a small investment to get a business application that winds up being a significant source of business and income lead generations.

• Intra-Site Linking

Both search engine optimization (SEO) and usability functions, it is essential to have a secure linking scheme for the pages of your website. WordPress blog widgets like tag clouds recent posts and most recent comments as well as links pages via menus and pages like archives, categories and tags.

• Simplicity

WordPress is extremely user-friendly. Even the website designer can easily install WordPress. To use their sites to be hosted by WordPress, it is not necessary to get a new site designer to understand anything whatsoever about computers. Once it’s installed, add a webpage or blog post, you just need to log into your accounts and start editing. It is as simple as using a word processor.

• Easily configurable

Once you have your website(s) up and running with WordPress, it’s effortless to customize your WordPress website designing. Web designers will love all of WordPress’s widgets which allow easy drag and drop designing with ease. You’ll find that you could do anything with the layout capabilities of WordPress.


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7 Reasons Why WordPress is Best Website Design Platform

If you are a web designer or are beginning a site for the first time or a web site, you have started...

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